Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Is Almost Here

Fall Must Have!

Hey Guys,
This is my second attempt in making this blog!LOL! So This blog is all about your fall must have! Im gonna upload some pictures of my fall must have and the description of everything will be under each picture!
Please Note that the pictures that i took are from one of my favorite site so they are not taken by me!
Lets get started!

  • Christian Louboutin Kasha - Black size 5.5

  • $1,595 -
 These are just ideas, you can definitely just choose different colors for the heels/boots, coat, hat and bags! Oh and scarves are really popular during the fall they can dress up and plain solid color dress and make it look fabulous! 
After this blog i will go on and create a set that has a really cute look for the fall! 
Dont forget to check it out! 

Have a wonderful day fashionistas! 

Im Too Cool For You

Quick Update

Hey Guys, This is a quick update for you!
Im thinking about posting like my outfit of the day pics and tell you guys where my clothes are from! Will you guys like it!?
I am willing to update my blog like 2/3 times a week hope i stick to that! Please Tell Me What you guys want me to post and i'll be so happy to do so!
Im also thinking of posting like reviews of different type of beauty product! I think That'll be so fun!

So Tell Me Guys What You Think Of The Update Are You Guys As Excited As I Am!
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Thank You so MUCH