Friday, July 22, 2011

In my last blog i said that will make a blog post all about this site >>>><<<<. I will tell you everything you can do!
This site is such a fun site for girls who are into FASHION! On this site you can create different type of sets/templates or collections which have any clothing or pictures of anything you can imagine in FASHION. Check out my profile and you'll see what i mean! .
These are some of my favorite sets that are done by me...

and these are some of my favorite templates...

The templates can be designed by other polyvore members and then you can fill them in with any thing you want.
Not only you can create sets/templates and collections you can also shop online by pressing the shop button on top of the page! If you want to create a set/templates/collection toy can simply press the create button on top of the page and press on what you want to create.

Oh and you can ask for fashion or beauty help on the ask page next to Shop and people can help you with it! Or you can help people by looking at the question they ask then you can answer.
This is how the Ask page look like...
This is just the top you can still scroll down and find more question to answer.

The site is easier that it seems to be if you are a FASHIONISTA you will love this site a lot!
There are lots of contest that can be held at different groups and you can be featured on polyvore top sets on the home page! One last sentence. Check out the site cuz if i have to right everything thats on the site it will have to take me a whole day cuz of the amazing things they have. If you didn't like it you can always don't check the site again but i know if you are a fashion diva you will love it.
i really hope you guys like the site1 comment if you did!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little Bit About Me

Hi Guys!
I've been wanting to do a blogger account long time ago and i finally did it now! I am so excited for this!
This blog is going to be about lots of things like FASHION, Beauty and Random but mostly FASHION! Since i'm a beginner  i'll try my best posting lots of blogs! If you guys want to request any fashion, beauty random blog feel free to type them in the comment below i would be so happy to put them up!
If you are a diva for fashion like me and would like to help people with that or would like to get some help! Check this site out! >>>><<<< It has the best everything for fashion i will do a whole blog WRITING about this site because i seriously LOVE IT! The blog post will be up soon this week or maybe tomorrow i don't know!